Monthly Archives: May 2010

New Beginning


So this may be my third attempt at my blog?  Either way, no matter.  My main issue is I’m an avid blog reader.  The blogs I’m typically drawn to are inspiring, creative and basically beautiful.  My issue?  I want a beautiful blog.  Ok, so what’s the problem?  I’m not a designer or a developer and basically summer has left us in a…um..well, how do I say..harder place financially than we’re used to.  So, until I can save up to hire someone to take care of this for me, this will have to do!

Go to my little About Me section over there to see what I’ll be blabbing on about here at my blog home.  Hopefully soon, I’ll have a proper About Me page, yeah!

Well, as this is probably one of the only days off I will literally get in the coming weeks, I’m going to go clean, do laundry, make lunch, organize…Yes, this is called a “day off” in the life of a busy woman.  Who feels me out there, ladies?!

Have an awesome Sunday!